Thursday, May 22, 2008

Photoshop history

Finally a post.
It has been quiet from this side of the pond at least blog-wise on the home front it has been quite noisy. The kids have had two weeks vacation and then it was catch-up time. But hope you enjoy the following tip.

Photoshop is a perfect program to experiment in. Sometimes applied effects give the perfect result, but we can't always recall exactly how we did that? You could of
coarse write down the whole process, or better yet let Photoshop do it for you.

Photoshop can keep track of every action made. You, however must activate this option yourself by going to Photoshop-Preferences-General and activate the option History log.
Then choose either Metadata, Text file or both.
With Text file the actions can be read in a (printable) TextEdit file.
The Metadata information can be found by going to File- File info…- History. There you can see every action applied and it's completely digital.

Edit Log Items choose detailed to get a detailed description of what you did. This option records all the settings chosen.

Click OK. Now photoshop will track all your actions (right or wrong).

The History log option is extremely handy to let collegues know how you achieved a certain look and for you to be able to apply it again and again and again ….